Hi, I’m Lorenzo Dolfi and I design interfaces
About me
I am a 29 y.o. Interaction Designer from Milan, Italy, with 7 years of experience.
I'm exploring and researching transparency in smart objects using Design Fiction and Thing-centered Design.

I worked in several small/medium agencies and now I'm crafting digital experiences at Things, an IoT agency based in Milan.

In my moments of spare time, I enjoy having fun outdoors, mostly skiing and surfing.
For 10 years I've been a music producer, and I enjoy traveling and take pictures of my adventures.
Visual and Communication Design, Bachelor Degree.
User Experience Design, Higher Formation Course.
Human-Computer Interaction, Master Degree

Other courses:
UX for Machine Learning and AI, Natural Interfaces, UX for VR and AR.
My design work has been featured on design community sites like Abduzeedo, and I was one of the finalists at Designflows 2019, Italy’s first Mobile UI design contest, sponsored by Bending Spoons.  
In September 2020 I was the overall winner of the 2020 Edition, among 1,261 participants.
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